Work No. 739: The Art Gallery as Art XI

tate modern as artTate Modern
The Art Gallery as Art VII
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Tate Modern facade composition No 1 , Tate Modern art gallery, Southbank London.

Continuing the series from 2013, positing the art gallery itself has become art; thereby disenfranchising the cronyistic culture of  exclusivity, discrimination and one-upmanship that  the heads of  these establishment institutions  practice and thereby democratizing art, bringing it within the reach of everyone.
Democratizing Art “ TM  ( A term now widely used – and abused – throughout the art world, coined by
artist Michael St.Mark in 2012  )

Edition of 50 Lightjet fine art prints on archival Pro Endura
28″ H x 19″W
£350 ( unframed)

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Linkback to former Works in our Democratizing Art series.

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