Work No. 740; Shaken not Stirred


hayward gallery day2
Shaken not Stirred
c. Art Axis 2015

Night view inside the bar / lounge area of the Hayward Gallery from the outside raised walkway,
past a neon-embellished cement mixer languishing on a wide exterior ledge.

Comment on the largely tawdry, intellectually pretentious and uninspiring shows Hayward South Bank choose to exhibit,
year in year out.
The South Bank: where Chinese dissidents flourish by the sunflower seed truckload while artists critical in any way shape or form of any of the UK government’s many questionable actions – not to mention the sacrosanct  royals – get the cold shoulder.

Signed edition of x 50 lightjet prints on Kodak Pro
24″ x 20″
£400 ( unframed)

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About London Dada


A typical and common example of any challenge to a corrupt establishment within even an important and historically pivotal artist’s work being edited or neutered to suit their own ends, when appearing in their galleries.

KS things we are fighting for ………………………………………...KS edited Work - tate britain  banner
Kurt Schwitters, Dadaist.                                                          Reference to war redacted on the Tate Britain KS retrospective 2012
Original Work

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