Work No. 778; The Proselytisers

The Proslyetisers
The Proselytizers
c. Michael St.Mark 2015


A Jehovas Witnesses’ Saturday morning magazine stall and conversion pitch, Camden Town NW1

They’ve got their work cut out; stoic attitude essential in the face of seemingly impossible odds; such as dead believers being resurrected  back up out of their graves in their former physical pomp, to mingle happily with their beloved ones once again at some point in the future 

2 thoughts on “Work No. 778; The Proselytisers

  1. My la! Is THAT how the JW’s do it in Great Britain? They don’t come to yer doors and personally engage whichever soul happened to be politely answering? Or do all’y’all have “No Circulars nor Solicitors” posted to ward off such haunting encounters? Poor souls. The last they dared cross our threshold, they scampered off when someone tried to engage them. It has apparently become too dangerous to think. Thank you for sharing. Tata, Jenny


    • Hi Jenny. Yes they visit UK peeps homes too, mainly on a Sunday still I think. It’s difficult to engage in debate with them because they believe they know the complete answers; it’s kind of all or nothing …and for that reason I’m out – in terms of energy expenditure in, for example, querying their “physical resurrection” thing.
      ” God can do anything ” I think being the general reply theme.

      Thank God for the gift of being able to remain open-minded about almost everything 🙂


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