Work No. 779; Slurry Tank Summer II

  Slurry Tank Summer II
  c. Dingo 2015

Near J23, M25 Hertfordshire

Second in the series, with a gap of 4 years that has seen the tank weather and decay further into the landscape.

( Linkback to Slurry Tank Summer 1 )

Artist Dingo;  ” Seeing / Putting the Extra in the Ordinary ” TM


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2 thoughts on “Work No. 779; Slurry Tank Summer II

  1. amazing really as i would have expected this to be a heap of rust on the ground after 4 years……..must be the warmer and drier weather ‘down south’ which is preserving it!

    If this was in the colder, wetter north it would be ready to be swept up on shovel by now 🙂


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