Work No. 780, "Better than Sex"

Better than Sex
c. Michael St.Mark, 08.08.2015


Marking the first day of the new football season. Comment on the time-honoured boast by many pro’ players.


A2 photo montage, comprising newspaper cuttings of men and women footballers’ quasi-orgasmic post goal-scoring
celebrations; including Diego Costa, Phillipp Lahan, Kris Commons, Sergio Ramos, Jose Reyes, Graziano Pelle, Olivier Giroud,
Theo Walcott, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Adam Lallana ..and the inspirational manager, er, Dick Advocat.

Hand-finished in fine line ink pen

One worldwide.
For £price & reproduction permissions email

5 thoughts on “Work No. 780, "Better than Sex"

  1. I now have this vision of you running around in your footie shorts whilst sucking out the innards of a choccie cream egg——–that’ll keep me going for a day or two!

    Even those who have partners sometimes experience a scarcity of ‘horizontal activity’, and yes that includes me. There are lots of reasons why this happens so you certainly shouldn’t think it’s only the ‘partnerless’ who are are missing out on all the fun.

    Ill health, age, shift patterns, can’t be bothered anymore are among some of the more obvious reasons and then there are those who for whom a lack of basic hygiene is the biggest turn off there is 🙂

    You are far too young to assume that your days of sex are truly over—–you never know what or who is around the next corner!


  2. Hmmmmm football or sex? Sex or football? Well never having played football i would have to say sex………but then again it all depends who it was with!

    I can well imagine that scoring a goal for a premier league team would create a very heady rush…… that unfortunately wouldn’t last beyond the game, chocolate does the same thing for me even though if only lasts as long as the bar 🙂

    I love the montage by the way.


    • Thanks Brianna, just an oft-repeated maxim circulating in pro player circles for decades and that I liked the idea of possibly being the first artist to do a visual representation thereof.

      Simply a paste-up of the facial expressions alone might work better, so may try an update on this piece.

      Sex; I’m truly devastated to say, is – and by the looks of things looks like remaining – a distant and ever-receding but happy memory.

      Maybe I should take up Sunday afternoon knock-abouts ( amateur football I mean lol ) whilst at the same time licking out a yummy chocolate cream egg?

      Better than… nothing.


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