Work No. 792; Destiny Unfolding

Destiny Unfolds
c. Michael St.Mark 2015


Mother helps child select T2 Diabetes obesity-inducing high carb / high sugar / negligible nutrients products from a perpetually well-stocked long supermarket  sweets & snacks aisle.

Actions taken in the present shape our future condition

” Dada is essentially the search for a new morality” – R. Huelsenbeck

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4 thoughts on “Work No. 792; Destiny Unfolding

  1. It looks as though the mother has helped herself to a number of obese, diabetes inducing snacks as well.

    Proper nutrition and good eating habits must surely start in the home, but going by the number of young mothers seen sitting in fast food outlets with their offspring in tow this isn’t happening.


  2. Sugar is virtually by definition as addicting as so many other substances, whence it requires abstinence to give the soul a different taste. I know from experience. But you’ve never tasted an apple pie as heavenly as one made entirely with honey and nestled in a completely whole-wheat crust. Am I too cheeky? Thank you for this pretty illustration.


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