London Dada Work No. 821; 100 DADAs

a hundred dadas
A Hundred DADAs / DADA at 100
c. London Dada 2016


The word DADA repeated in a hundred different typefaces, digitally processed through several sequences. Relevant also in the respect that typography experimentation played a big part in Dada’s visual impact, especially mixed in with important photo montage Works such as those by John Heartfield.

To mark the 100th anniversary of Cabaret Voltaire’s opening soiree on 5th February 1916 and what was to be the spark that lit the Dada forest fire which consumed all previous art tradition and convention in its uncompromising and restless search to uncover a different human condition, one free from blind conformity to authority; free of mass hysteria and focused instead on the innate wisdom of the individual.

Dada is the revolt of the personality threatened on so many sides, a revolt against levelling, stupidity and destruction. It is the distress cry of creative people against banality” – Richard Huelsenbeck













Available in several signed color poster editions, purchase-investment details


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