London Dada Work No. 839; Another Quiet Day on the Farm ( video)

Quiet day on the farm 2
Another Quiet Day on the Farm ( video )
Michael St.Mark 2016


Press to play video of the wind farm that ” supplies ten thousand homes with electricity”.

Signed edition prints info details tf


When the wind drops – the other side of the renewables spin.

” One should bear in mind that individuals in the wind development companies and investors are making a considerable amount of money from over-subsidised onshore turbines.

They bear none of the incremental costs required to support an intermittent and, at times, virtually non-existent energy source.

This cost is borne by the consumers, as is the cost of the subsidy payments that make the investment returns for turbines so high.

It is little less than Government sponsored robbery of the poor for the benefit of the rich”

William Hyde, DFH, C.ENG, Fellow IET and John Webley, Chairman, KWAG.



Art, for us, is not an end in itself but it is an opportunity for the expression of true perception and criticism of the times we live in

Hugo Ball, founder of Cabaret Voltaire and father of Dada


Links to Work 820; Echoes – a CO2 Conundrum

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