Easter Past Easter Present


boatrace man
From 2012; Work 617; Boat Race Man

Remembering Trenton Oldfield, the admirably- principled activist from down under, who literally risked his neck during the Oxford/Cambridge boat race of 2012 to protest primarily against creeping NHS privatization and to remind 30 million viewers worldwide of the nasty,  pernicious Oxbridge-dominated elite running the government, the banks, the media and arts via unelected privilege and exerting gross inequality across the jobs and opportunities market right here in the “home of Democracy”.

Trenton Oldfield






” no good deed goes unpunished ” ( in a totalitarian state )


Type 2 Warren II









Type II Warren II ( amputation special )
Public health service Work, see link below.


From 2015 + update edition; Work No 744; Type 2 Warren

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