London Dada Work No 855; Levine Queen Mirrored – how the famous see themselves I

Levine Queen mirror image



levine queen-002


Levine Queen Mirrored
( As the Famous see Themselves 1 )
Michael St. Mark 2016


First in a ground-breaking new London Dada series, portraying mirror images of the rich and famous past and present. A fascinating revelatory glimpse into their personal worlds – the subtle difference from ubiquitous photographs of how they’re accustomed to seeing themselves in their EverydayTM  mirrors.

Reversed digitally-manipulated and appropriated image derived from Chris Levine’s Time cover image of The Queen from 2012.


Available shortly in a signed edition of x 25 Chromaluxe prints on aluminium
24 ” x 19″
( unframed )

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