Work No. 960; Regiment of Conformity

Dada is the revolt of the personality threatened on so many sides – a revolt against levelling, stupidity and destruction. It is the distress cry of creative people against banality.” – Richard Huelsenbeck

A Regiment of Conformity
Michael St.Mark 2017

Parking bays with monochrome cars, Hendon NW4

Long gone are the days when UK roads were teeming with a fair selection of multicolored vehicles streaming up and down the M ways like sweets tumbling from a Quality Street box. Yer average A to B  device trendy coat of choice is now around 2/3 a difficult decision between black, gray, white or silver.
An outward manifestation of inward meek acceptance of psychological enslavement to societal and peer pressure to “”fit in” ?

So who’s left to champion the individual in breaking through the rancid sea of identikit sterile drabness pervading society in the early 21st C?

London Dada –  “creating outside the frame” TM since 2005


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*NEW Damien Hirst / London Dada plagiarism scandal

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