Work No. 963; Mountaineer Retired

Mountaineer Retired
Michael St.Mark 2017

Seafront promenade, Morecambe Lancs.
Steel indicator cutout info sculpture aligned with the Lake District fells across the Bay

London Dada Info / Invest
Fast Access Archive 2005 – present


*NEW Damien Hirst scandal – the more new material he presents & attempts to pass off as his own creation, the more obvious becomes, in its stead, a crude parroting of other artists’ work and thereby transparently a depressing paucity of personal creative talent, not to mention loose moral compass in terms of apparently not feeling even mildly responsible or aware of the lifelong psychological damage inflicted on many of his often highly gifted and sensitive artist victims, to whom he offers not a shred of acknowledgement, rather, instead, dismissive put-downs laced with obscenities.
Damien Hirst’s hook line & sinker plagiarism of London Dada artist Dingo’s 2008 unique conceptual Work Loggius Fishious Extraordinarious – is no less than the blatant and cynical theft of both title and the very concept that forms the essential basis upon which every exhibit in his new Venice show critically depends.

Dingo; not amused

2 thoughts on “Work No. 963; Mountaineer Retired

    • Indeed Ian, his latest EU stars redaction-in-progress Work on a Dover house wall
      is tame by his usually witty standards. Maybe his Off the Wall hotel project is affecting his creativity gland. BTW whats happening to your blogging activity? – I’m getting dead links in the stead of former pages brimming with well written IT pearls of wisdom..


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