London Dada Works No. 964/964a; Prison / Street Smack Gouch Girl

(c) Michael St.Mark 2017

964a; Street Smack Gouching Girl
Michael St.Mark

The tragic sides of Shoreditch.

Curtain Road ( top ) and ( below ) on the nod under a flyover, near Shoreditch High Street.
Who knows what inner upheavals and unresolved conflicts caused them to seek peace and sanctuary in the wrong place, the path that leads to a self-created prison of pain, a world of hurt.
Childhood abuse >> low / no self-esteem? Self-imposed isolation from perceived or actual bodily / facial disfigurement and daily drip drip of demoralizing rejection by others over a lifetime? ( it happens ). Or mental illness from any of a variety of causes..
Tried to ask for her unique story, as with Hovis the Street Angel but the shutters were aggressively down.

Dada – “art that doesn’t just walk on past”

London Dada – Establishing Dada’s missing European expression; Reconnecting art with true perception and fearless criticism of the times we live in

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2 thoughts on “London Dada Works No. 964/964a; Prison / Street Smack Gouch Girl

  1. That’s a face that has seen a lot of life and most of it unwanted and difficult i would think. It would be interesting to know her “story” but sometimes it’s better not to, for if it’s too tragic what help can we offer that wouldn’t be rejected? Some people just can’t be helped sadly.


    • She’s living in a self-created world of hurt and isolation that would be compounded all the more by an aggressive social attitude & aggravated even yet more if that were pssible by rejection from others wherever she goes, looking lhow she does. Its a sad fact that most peeps treat each other on the basis of how they appear physically. Naturally enough of course because they’ve got nothing else to go on. . Only a genuinely caring heart would over-ride that – or in this case try to


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