London Dada Work No. 970: Ocean Swell 1 & 2 ..planetary pool of plastic

Ocean Swell
(c) Michael St.Mark 2017

Translucent plastic foods containers / holders in mobile cage, Tesco, Isle of Dogs.

Ocean Swell II
(c) Michael St.Mark 2017
Photo Montage version

Comment on the continued ubiquitous use of plastics by the large retailers to package their own brand products while simultaneously claiming environmental responsibility.

Links to Environment Aware Work No. 609 from 2012; See Thru the Green Dream

Cropped photographic images 28″ X 24″ each a signed edition of 20 Lightjet prints on Kodak Metallic
£400 ( unframed )

London Dada – fearless moral-based criticism of the times we live in.
Along with Banksy perhaps 
the only 100% morally-motivated art direction in the world today

Info / Invest
Quickview  archive 2005 to present

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