London Dada Work No. 987; By George No Escape

By George there’s no Escape.
Michael St.Mark 2017


Dentist waiting room, 7th September. No escape from mainstream media’s infatuation with the latest privileged mollycoddled little royal to start school.
In reality the only genuine interest going on in pushing this trivial story is that of the self-serving knighthood-chasing editors * journalists and TV chat show hosts involved.
And for that we all must yawn and bear it.
Next up – another royal birth.. unless god forbid something happens to the Duke of Edinburgh..
M St.M


George Osborne, editor Evening Standard, bores the pants off Londoners for the sake of his personal future royal gong. Keep up the fawning George, you’ll get the coveted royal sword tap for “services rendered” soon enough.

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