Works No. 988abcd Roaming the Galaxy


Four ripe fruits from a glorious summer of street-snapping with the Galaxy S7

Work No. 988a; The Happy Couple / They Who Have Seen the Light VII
Spitalfields, close to chez Gilbert & George. Latest in the long-running LD series celebrating eccentricity of attire ( and diversity of sexuality ) in public

Work 988b; Matters of Great Import II
Outside Sainsburys Potters Bar. Second in the series, intimating everyone’s real news is contained within their everyday lives, not in the 90% irrelevance-posing-as-vital-importance hoodwinking MSM

Work No. 988c; Cappuccino’s Up / Froth Head
Categorized under our long-running “everything’s One under the sun” genre, following Hugo Ball’s assertion that ” The Dadaist is convinced of the overall connection between all beings, objects and entities “

A Glasgow Whitening
Michael St.Mark 2017

All photographs by Michael St.Mark (c) 2017
Available in signed fine art print editions of 20;
£400 ( unframed )

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