691. London Dada/New Dada Manifesto pilot 1

Re-defining the true meaning of art

” The true artist and New Dadaist is a rare astronaut of inner space who explores hidden worlds and his/her art works portals of launch, being means through which others may uncover within themselves fantastic visions and realizations.

On the other hand, pseudo artists and their  promoters are an insult to and betrayal of, the spirit of art itself, having no capacity to go beyond the surface ( retinal ) sensation of things. Therefore they must constantly employ variations of superficial prettiness, pseudo-intellectual appreciations or else new bovine shock tactics in the promotion of their tawdry wares, to continue their deception and exploitation of the art- going public ”

“Counter shock tactics involving Dada counter works and direct anti-art action need to be used to loosen the stranglehold grip and the hypnotic hold  the cynical imposters of the art establishment have over the public.”
-Art Axis, Oct 2005

Story behind the Dada Resurrection.

Following a comments exchange on Yorkshire artist Phil Simmon’s blog The Rings of Saturn ( blog platform since cynically closed by Luca Ascani’s ” blog forever” Populis in 2014  ), relating his visit to the Dada and Surrealism retro’ exhibition at the Hayward back in the 1980s, I passed the observation that as far as I remembered from my student days studying Dada and Surrealism, Dada had no London expression during its  lifetime from 1916 to 1923. Whereas there had been Paris Dada, Zurich Dada, Berlin Dada, Hannover Dada( Kurt Schwitters ) and New York Dada ( Duchamp, Man Ray & Breton ) – but no London Dada and I queried why that should have been so.

So that question was the impetus to create 691, the world’s first online art gallery & journal as a compensatory post script London branch of the original Dada movement. As that lost link in the Dada movement, we aspire to carry forward the torch of art and social change from 1923, dedicated to the usurping of the terminally stagnant and corrupt contemporary UK art scene of the early 21st C by exemplifying Hugo Ball’s original definition of Dada as being the true perception and criticism of the times we live in.

Presently there is no way artistic talents with integrity who wish to express the full spectrum of their creativity without being severely fettered by political and religious censorship, are going to get a look in, in the closed shop of the Saatchi/Serota /Arts Council world of mind-numbing superficial lame sterility passing for art today.

So their abusive and art-denigrating power base must be eroded from under them here in cyber space where they cannot censor and via direct art action and publicity.

691 are looking for pioneering risk-takers, art investors and backers who wish to invest in the London Dada brand.

Contact us through http://www.londondada.co.uk

Michael St.Mark
London, October 2005
Updated May ’06, July ’06

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