Boxing Clever with Plagiarists


R. Whiteread’s piles of white boxes @ Tate Modern.
Released 10th October 2005

Original concept
INFINITUDE by M. St Mark c.2005
collage, white on white.
Created 15th September 2005
This just in from AA. NB Note Whiteread’s explanation of her white boxes includes ” exploring the Universal qualities of the box. . . .”
Whoops nearly a bad slip of the tongue – almost  Infinite qualities.
Art Axis


( Below ) PDF file recovered of post  from previous blog platorm closed by Populis in 2014

4 thoughts on “Boxing Clever with Plagiarists

  1. Post your Dada comments through Feedback in the Visitors Book or Art Forum. Let them know we’re here. Thanks!

    Your chance to strike a blow against the crap pack of the art establishment.
    Be the first to tumble a pile of poxy boxes at the Tate Mod’ and win a Dada medal!
    Post or Banksy the numbers 691 in the galleries.


  2. I think Mr Axis got upset by the brand “new” Tate Modern turbine hall offering by Turner prize winner R. Whiteread with her piles of white boxes on white background. When you see it have another look at our Dada INFINITUDE collage.(TAGS) They must have gone some to create over 14.000 of the buggers since 16th September.
    Co-incidence? Art Axis paranoia? Take a look at the two images here and decide for yourself. Serota deserves it anyhow, for having the piss-taking nerve to put that tired old art dog Lichtenstein back on as a headliner. He realized that wouldn’t be enough so he’s using one of his pawn artist minion’s piles of boxes to suck the crowds back in again. Just see the vacuous state of modern art.

    AA sends a message for you Nick – I know you look in –
    ” Wait ’till we get real publicity you sad art arse.”


  3. Serota – you terrible cunt ! (With apologies to Bruce Robinson.)

    Have finally located some of my important early DADA work, which I will post tomorrow.

    DadadadaDADA (!!!) !



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