Something for the end of the weekend – two Olympic posters of creative paucity… and a licence to print money.

Tate Britain – stone wall ediface home to the cosied-up English art establishment..

Officially unveiled within the hallowed and pompous marble halls of Tate Britain today, the six winning
Olympic posters – a mini genre traditionally associated  with the run-up to the games. Focusing on two
of the works, now plastered on sundry walls over London and sold in limited edition print runs at
several hundred pounds sterling a piece…. ker-ching.

RBFT Dingo2Rachel-Whiteread-London-2012-375x500olympic rings

New Dada artist Dingo‘s October 10th work Bank of Formica Topboard (crop),  alongside Turner prize-winning artist Rachel Whiteread’s Olympic poster,  which she connects somewhat tenuously with future memories of medal-winning celebrations in mind, hence the multiple drinks glasses/bottles ring marks upon a white ( Formica?) surface. Hmm. 
And, far right, the legendary Olympic rings brand, indicating the amount of novel thought involved in the poster’s creation.
At any rate, Whiteread’s rather drab effort still appears to be getting all the merits for “most original” of the 6 posters, that have
overall received something of a pasting from art critics.

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Another of Dingo’s creations, Nowt ( “New Dada blue period” ) from a year ago ( far left ) … and painter Howard Hodgkin’s winning Olympic   poster ” Swimming”. ( *nb. note the identical shades of blue that Hodgkin used, as well as ultra simplicity of the work ).

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M. St.M

London Bridge,
November 5th 2011.

London Dada work 522/523; Royal Bank of Formica Topboard / Pizza Flyer mid-removal; by Dingo

Latest in London Dadaist Dingo’s Dada Kitchen Landscapes series.


The Royal Bank of Formica Top board –  with Rachel Whiteread’s post-dated “glass/bottle marks on a surface” Olympic poster featured alongside.
( Watercolour on white Formica with foodstuffs and coins. Semi-permanent work. )
c. 2011 by Dingo

On moving the table top fridge to make room for the table top oven, besides the usual build-up of
stray foodstuffs and sauce stains, Dingo discovers some coins adhered by moisture to the
Formica surface over time. Some are removed by brushing, four stubbornly remain. Their circular
edges are tainted green by the copper within the coins. The surrounding surface is scoured
and cleaned and the area to be featured selectively ragged, to leave an intriguing abstract kitchen
that has accumulated semi-randomly over the course of about one year.

Pizza Flyer
c. Dingo, 2011

Additionally uncovered is an old pizza takeaway menu leaflet set solid into the Formica laminate
by moisture. Some top layers of the paper were able to be scraped away after soap and water was
applied, to leave an interesting abstraction, that along with the careful arrangement of the congealed
paper remnants; reveals a work of originality and tactile beauty that seems to house a beguiling array
of fanciful airborne creatures and objects.

New Dadaist Dingo – ” Seeing / Putting the Extra in the Ordinary ” TM

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Link to London Dada vs. Wolff Olins Olympic logo Plagiarism proof

Court case

Boxing Clever with Plagiarists


R. Whiteread’s piles of white boxes @ Tate Modern.
Released 10th October 2005

Original concept
INFINITUDE by M. St Mark c.2005
collage, white on white.
Created 15th September 2005
This just in from AA. NB Note Whiteread’s explanation of her white boxes includes ” exploring the Universal qualities of the box. . . .”
Whoops nearly a bad slip of the tongue – almost  Infinite qualities.
Art Axis


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