14 thoughts on “Work No. 89, The Stones that Never Rolled..

  1. You see they are not originally from this earth; their spirits have migrated here from alien worlds where no language of the heart is spoken. Why do you think earths population has suddenly grown so huge since 1900? And at the same time technology grown so too?
    They are the elves of high IQ but low HQ ( heart Quotient) who dont care that are destroying this world with their arrogance and ego. As long as they make money and power to satisfy their bodies they neither believe in nor care for their or others’ souls.


      • hmmmmm…well thats my distant cousins, who live in fear of being plucked out of holes…we at the shire here in blighty hear wonderous things about the talking sheep…

        make a nice stew that would.

        Also…Whinlatter…what a wonderful name, on a serious note id love my passport to say Whinlatter…although it doesnt state City does it…

        someone have a word.


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