Work 90; Disco Dada

Disco Dada
( New Southgate, London )
c. 2005 M. St.Mark

2015 update. Building since demolished ( not listed?? ) ; in its stead yet another new characterless concrete steel & glass box apartment development with a Tesco Local below.

Wise old Dada poem from the new age poet, Mirek Popowitz

Rain rain go away
come back again another day

– “But that’s exactly what I have done”
said the rain.


8 thoughts on “Work 90; Disco Dada

  1. is there? helly has spiked the punch and Az is running around blaspheming about batman

    im taking my camera out tomorrow in the name of a perfectionist…im worried i may come home empty handed.


  2. They do the Dada shuffle in the dark behind yon window on mid winter solstices, each holding a green candle. The music? Mantovani house mix of course.
    Why did I think you, Hobbit, were a student minx from Portsmouth, oh these tricks of the light!


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