Work 122; Travel Kit of the Second Da

Travel kit of the second da
(study 2 )After “Travel kit of a da” Hans Arp 1920 (below)
M. St.Mark 2005

Dada Exhibition – At the Pompidou Centre
(5th Oct 2005– 9th Jan 2006, closed Tuesdays)
“The first exhibition dedicated to this Modern Art movement since 1966, the Pompidou Centre celebrates Dada in an unprecedented collection of over 1000 works. Taking almost all of its immense in-house collection, the Centre has also been privileged to include many other public and private works from around the world “.
Makes the pompous art along the South Bank look like the heap of banal sterility that it is.
Two-night breaks in 3 star Paris hotel, including travel by Eurostar @around £140 PP. For details enquire by personal message. MSM

Cover for Dada periodical 391

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