Work 127

Land of the Cat Killers V
c. 2004 Michael St.Mark

Several Works by London Dadaists featured on 691 are available for purchase. Some are already sold. Take your opportunity to make an early investment in a radical morally-motivated new art direction outside the mainstream art establishment – for now.

New comment on the Tate Modern Art Forum

One month on and we’re still trying to get an answer out of TM about the process used and time taken to construct the 14,000 Whiteread boxes in the TH. Considering the seriousness of our accusation of plagiarism of one of their works ( titled Infinitude ) from 15th September, you would think the Tate press office would be keen to dispel a rumour by stating when and where the construction and assembly work actually began on the boxes. And by whom. Judge the plagiarism for yourselves at . .art outwith the establishment straightjacket. Link to Whiteread Plagiarist.


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