Work 145; When Dada Ruled the World

When dAdA Ruled the World
c. 2003 Michael St.Mark

  • 2017 reinstated post from after closure and destruction of an entire online community and a part of art history by its cyber vandal owner ” Blog Forever” Luca Ascani

7 thoughts on “Work 145; When Dada Ruled the World

    • Our bodies are nothing but gloves, woven around the hands (spirit souls) of the same shape or mould. When we “die” we only leave the glove behind but the original hand that formed the glove is still there. All bodies and worlds are shadows only. Reality ( light source) is within us, never outside, never amongst the shadows.


  1. ‘If you think I know nothing of depression and emotional pain…’re insane’
    ‘You’re a fool who hasn’t paid attention to a word that I said!’

    ‘Not if you were the last junkie on earth’ 1998 The Dandy Warhols


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