Trout Mask Replica, posted

Trout Mask Rep2
Old Fart at Play
Pappy with the Khaki sweatband
Bowed goat potbellied barnyard that only he noticed
The old fart was smart
The old gold cloth madonna
Dancin’ t’ the fiddle ‘n saw
He ran down behind the knoll
‘n slipped on his wooden fishhead
The mouth worked ‘n snapped all the bees
Back t’ the bungalow

Momma was flatten’n lard
With her red enamel rollin’ pin
When the fishhead broke the window
Rubber eye erect ‘n precisely detailed
Airholes from which breath should come
Is now closely fit
With the chatter of the old fart inside

An assortment of observations took place
Momma licked ‘er lips like uh cat
Pecked the ground like uh rooster
Pivoted like uh duck
Her stockings down caught dust ‘n doughballs
She cracked ‘er mouth glaze caught one eyelash
Rubbed ‘er hands on ‘er gorgeous gingham
Her hand grasped sticky metal intricate latchwork
Open t’ the room uh smell cold mixed with bologna
Rubber bands crumpled wax paper bonnets
Fat goose legs ‘n special jellies
Ignited by the warmth of the room
The old fart smelled this thru his important breather holes
Cleverly he dialed from within from the outside we observed
That the nose of the wooden mask
Where the holes had just been uh moment ago
Was now smooth amazingly blended camouflaged in
With the very intricate rainbow trout replica

The old fart inside was now breathin’ freely
From his perfume bottle atomizer air bulb invention

His excited eyes from within the dark interior glazed;
watered in appreciation of his thoughtful preparation.
( Maan, that’s so heavy )

Frank Zappa & Don Van Vliet ( Captain Beefheart )

6 thoughts on “Trout Mask Replica, posted

    • What do you make of it?
      It can take a while to get into, for sure -it’s very hard and brash and apparently disorganized, but actually it has its own structure, its own perculiar yet fascinating life.
      Thanks vm for the info, I must get hold of it on CD, the vinyl’s scratched to bits on the LPs.


      • Haven’t listened enough yet. Quite like ‘Well’ ‘Ella Guru’ (apparently the name of a band in L’pool too) and ‘When Big Joan Sets Up’. I’ll listen more when I’ve calmed down from my Spirit of 76 high!


      • Those two tracks are ace, for sure. My faves are also Ella Guru, Hair Pie Bake 1 and Pachuco Cadaver.
        Not even sure if the good captain is still alive these days, he was quite seriously ill during the 90s with some kind of motor neurone problem and took to painting, under his real name – Don Van Vliet.
        Spirit of 76 rocks, I agree.


  1. Trout Mask Replica.
    By Captain Beefheart and his magic band ( Reprise, 1970 )
    Produced by Frank Zappa

    The inverted shuttlecock on the top of the hat’s a nice touch, I’ve always thought.
    Cracker of an LP though, this – an absolute Dada classic. Not sure but it’s probably still available on download or CD.


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