Work 188; Denizen of Darkness

Denizen of darkness
Denizen of Darkness
Michael St.Mark 2006


Sheltering parking enforcement officer, St. Albans Herts.

” The ones with sole are thin on the ground ”

On show at the Photographers’ Gallery
from 20th August.

NB* Now sold.



Category Link to 2011 Work No. 655; Little Hitler



16 thoughts on “Work 188; Denizen of Darkness

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  3. The bugger. How can we run over them if they stand on the pavement and we can’t see them properly. Perversely it is the Rugby Union refs who are sponsored by Specsavers and they are probably the best referees in any sport today. Traffic Wardens should be sponsored by Durex because they can screw whoever they like without any consequence to themselves.


    • Yes, most of then act like total dick heads as it is.
      A sensible solution to the TW problem as I see it Mick, would be to locate where the svinehunt doubtless discreetly park/hide their cars .. and then leave a nice sweet bunch of flowers under their wipers .. as it were 😉


  4. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I got back to my vehicle the other day with one of those lovely love letters.

    I had the permit displayed even the correct day/hours/date scratched out ans STILL got one.

    I chased around NW6 looking for the culprit and had many words with him – blimmin cheeky sod tells me I have to write to Camden Council and make a complaint. Its enough to drive any mild mannered woman with PMT Nuts I tell ya! 😉


    • I know Debbie. Sometimes nowadays I wonder whether the London cake is worth the candle – it’s getting very hassle-filled, one way and another.

      I had the spare wheel stolen from under my camper van in broad daylight on Tuesday, for the second time in 2 months. That’s another £120 down the pan. Amazing thing is they angle-grinded the security nut off, first.

      There’s gangs of them going round posing as mechanics working on cars whilst one of them follows the owner with a mobile reporting back that he’s at a safe distance. A mate got the whole of the front end of his new BMW removed, in a Tescos car park!

      The whole city is swarming with theives, crooks, pimps, fraudsters, muggers, chisellers. . .and heartless traffic wardens.


      • THTS just LUDRICROUS!!!!!!

        Its truly distressing… no wonder we are all becoming
        extremely cynical and wary of a truly open friendly smile!
        (What does he/she want?)

        Something similar happened to us not so long ago… we were out gathering food in the tesco minefield when we had a call form a concerned neighbour. Some mini crane was hoisting our campervan onto a pick-up truck. Long exciting chase story cut short: we were able to save the poor ickle thing from certain death only to have it stolen the next week! :-/


  5. Like that the parking cop has his back to an optician’s shop, sheltering under the shade of the awning while maybe recording a cars registration on his ‘recording machine’.

    This photo is a record of the documenter of the cars. The photo records the traffic cop’s recording.

    Now, me here in front of my computer monitor, am writing this and doing another documentation of what I have seen on this monitor and writing about it. And on…!


    • Yep, life looks like one big rollin’ action and reaction which spawns the next action and so on. I had great fun snapping the failed coppers of St. Albans that afternoon. They couldn’t quite suss what I was up to – so tables turned for a change.

      Traffic Wardens love lurking in the shadows, they don’t like the light you see – shades of vampirism definitely.


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