7 thoughts on “Works 186 & 187

  1. Come off it Mike, there is no lost link. God created abrtact expressionism in seven days and appointed the arts establishment to run it.
    Oops, Guess I have been spending too long arguing with fundies at an American website.


    • The virtual deification of the Arts Establishment is a right old con. That clan’ve got away with 400 years of sheer brilliance -until now.

      New Dada in untouchable cyberspace scares them shitless, so I’ve heard. Must get my pal Art Axis to get on with the planned gallery direct art action, right little radical that he is.

      Popped in on one of your Yank blogs Ian – you’re sockin’ it to em alright. They’ve never read authenticity quite like that before, I’d wager.


  2. i think what would be interesting is to put together a guide taking the approach that they did in the 18th or 19th century travel books (so not just observations of place, but of people; observations of people in a landscape)….have you read Engels’ Condition of the Working Class in England? written 1840s, i think, it’s great stuff: really him wandering through Manchester mainly, and a blistering attack on working and social conditions generally.

    anyway, i digress.

    i worked for a year in london, commuting to white city – which was a mad thing to do as i had a long train journey the other side of the tube journey too. but i loved seeing what i did of london from the train as it wove its way into liverpool street…; and coming back to Manchester: arriving by train is just as memorable for similar reasons….

    i work today in a fantastic 1960s building, which is embedded into a landscape made famous by Constable; and i like that juxtaposition…


    • I think there are already conducted tours of “old London Town” or tours on almost the subject of your choice in London.

      I’ll have to track down the Engles book, sounds as if it may be the Manchester version of the earlier Dicken’s novel Our Mutual Friend, which also makes some pretty in-depth exposes of the incredible roguery going on in turn-of-the-18th century capital.

      Yes, views from trains are totally different than from motorways. You get right into the heart of a city travelling by train.


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