8 thoughts on “Work 213; Distant Galaxy Cafe

  1. The people in the photo I find very interesting. If there are other worlds in the universe with human beings, they could be reincarnating here.

    This would explain the sudden rapid rise in technological advance as well as the earth’s dramatic population explosion occuring at the same time.

    In that case, many of us are, in fact, aliens from other worlds.

    There may be different categories of intellectual development and of lack of emotional development. Generally speaking, I would say there arn’t many balanced human beings on the television, in big business nor in politics. They are heart cripples, unfortunately for the planet, which is being raped by them, presently.

    But why come here, to this earth? Now that’s another question entirely.


      • Hugs back Kiki, thanks. I have been to the south coast beach again today – so more Dada pics soon. Look forward to yours, very much – be as anything as you like.


      • Hmmm sounds good, i love beachs too.
        Yes, i’ll do my best, i’v some ideas already about what you prefer, soon i’ll send them…just last week when i went with my new digital camera to photo.some stuffs:…well was a new one, so at home i really had to laugh instead to cry, i filmed all the time instead of taking photos!and as it was all the time on, without knowing i filmed my sandals, my colleague, ALL! Now i must go there again, also to a place nearby my Univ. where while restoring a restaurant now we discovered a Roman place, and we’r studying it, excavations, c…so i’v 2go there too and will photo it (not film again :)) ) Thanks, kiki


  2. That’s true! they really exists, some sciences already study it, and is fascinating…now that parallel u. on the mirror, well makes this one a great photo!kk


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