Work 214, The Perfect Match

Perfect Match
The Perfect Match
c. 2006 Michael St.Mark
Fashion fascism

Just the right
angle of tilt of the sporting hat upon
magazine model head the
selective brandishing of that logo upon
Immaculately-ironed flannel and cotton draping
model bone structure and toned muscle
c/w prim and proper decorum the very
stuff of model champions.


3 thoughts on “Work 214, The Perfect Match

  1. The guy in the cricket gear, he wouldn’t have come straight from the test match would he? This could have explained our abysmal fielding when a cold would have been a lucky catch.


    • What explains the abysmal fielding Denny, is William Hill.

      They’re all on the fiddle with match-fixing, the whole team. they had the entire day to get 4 SL tail-enders out and still got the draw. I mean, how obvious does it need to be?

      That’s why I don’t watch much sport these days. Or the Eurovision Song Contest come to that. The whole world is bent as hell these days pardon my cynicism.


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