London Dada Work 215; Beach Tree.

Beach Tree
( Temporary Installation, 14/5/06 )
c. Michael St.Mark 2006


Rye Harbour coastline.
“Planted” to highlight the threat of rising sea levels due to global warming. Old anti shore drift posts in the background representing the wooded landscape that once existed and linked England with France pre lastice age, c. 10,000 years ago.
The nylon fishing net entwined around the branches highlights the threat to marine biology in all the world’s oceas from discarded plastic waste.


UPDATE 2018/19

Welsh artist Robert Davies receives planning permission after appeal, to erect a permanent tree sculpture cast of a Ceredigigion oak on the Welsh coast shoreline between Borth and Yngs Las, to draw attention to the ancient forest that once grew there but which is now mostly submerged, as well as make a point on rising sea levels due to climate change.

As a contemporary artist living in the area I would like to site a single Ceredigion oak tree in the inter-tidal zone on the beach adjacent to, but not within, the ancient forest. Working with other artists, archaeologists, engineers, fundraisers, manufacturers and the local authorities I’m hoping to get permission to make a metal cast of a single tree

Link to the artist’s website Tree page


LONDON DADA ” KickstARTing the 21st C.”


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