LONDON DADA Work No. 274; The Excruciating Passage of Time


The  e x c r u c  i  a  t  i  n  g    p  a   s   s    a    g    e       o     f           t        i        m        e
Michael St.Mark, 2007

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7 thoughts on “LONDON DADA Work No. 274; The Excruciating Passage of Time

  1. So Kiki; you need to come to the UK and live here, for the benefit of everyone and to stop all the English from leaving as they are doing now because of the damp cold and rain and the 7 month UK winter!


    • Oh do you think so 🙄 ? I need? Really? :))HMMMMMMM,that’s it, see? One never knows about the tomorrow, isn’t it???

      LOL Oh UUUUUU :)) and live there?? “..and for the benefit of everyone..”, in the UK ,”.and to stop all the English from leaving as they are doing now because of the damp cold and rain..” , you say?
      RRRRRRRRRRRRRR2U sweet Mikey smarty one.. 😉
      Really needs more sun I do agree! The UK i mean, isn’t it?
      That’s why Lisboa, and the rest of Portugal, is full of tourists at the moment :yes: they love this..must be my Sun-dance yes, i’l think about it!


  2. There but for the grace of god go I, I meet poor bastards like this every day and I can’t help but feel sorry for them because they are usually old, stupid or both, such a shame that they are shut away in these little hovels instead of some nice warm sanatorium.


    • .”..such a shame that they are shut away in these little hovels instead of some nice warm sanatorium.”

      Eeee by gum Bradders me lad, you’ve got some bloody wicked sense o’ humour on ya !


  3. Hya kiki one, yes the “old house where he is” looks like where he’s been for quite a while hey? Can you see the cobwebs on his head?
    Anyone who’s ever done security work ( he was the car park check-in and security guy in one) knows about time grinding down the soul in time.
    If you ever think your life is passing you by too quick, just get a security guard job – or wait at bus stops all day.

    Glad your Lisboa sundance worked kiki one – are you some kind of magic-making Portuguese white witch? 🙂


    • I’m having some troubles to blogg since i decided to come online a while ago 🙄 but after did a certain post before complain to the Adm. Lonemum told me already that clicking on the Refresh button it helps just is too much annoying, so here i am answering you:
      Well yes, that’s true, the man seems that spent his whole life there…!
      And no way i’l never think..i hope..that my life is passing by too quick :)):)) i like to enjoy each moment of my life, each day, it’s only one! Not be like the old man no way :no: i think on the NOW, i live it, i’m not worrying myself about the tomorrow, that will be whatever happens isn’t it? One never knows…one can yes on the moment choose one of the ways/options/doors, that Life presents to us, which will have consequences, good or bad ones! About waiting at bus stops it’s to much annoying, now imagine all day :-/ i rather prefer to walk! 😉

      Yes, i imagine a kind of indians drums, well i imagine too much 🙄 LOL, so while i do my gym. i sun-dance :)) while listening music…well it’s more a saying of mine but the truth is that it works because I do gymnastic and dance w/the sunny idea in my mind 😀 … so maybe i’m that 😉
      That’s what UK needs :)):)):)) LOL


  4. GOOD eye again Mike :yes:, the man, the old house where he is, the old bars or whatever it is in white and grey(near the little house on its right side.)..and behind him in green, left side, it’s written ” Health ” 🙄 MMMMMMMM indeed!

    From foggy Lisboa this morning after my Sun-Dance it turned Sunny again 😀 see? It really works! :)):)):))


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