Work No. 276, 100-a-day-100-today Millie


Work No. 267
Hundred-a-Day Hundred Today Millie
( ” I never inhaled” )

Television screenshots from local news, August 2007.
c. Michael St. Mark
(click through twice on the images for the full nicotine stain experience)

6 thoughts on “Work No. 276, 100-a-day-100-today Millie

  1. Since 16 and she’s alive yet huh? :))
    And others that never smoke died before her!
    C’est la vie, ah well, i don’t believe in doctors anyway 😀 maybe that’s why i’m never ill!


      • :)) LOL and he’s right!
        I can imagine the patients faces :))
        For a man 95 it’s a great age! My great-grannies, women in my family use to die around 96 and 98 :-/ ..but now as seems the standards about people’s age is different, as we’re living longer maybe i’l live more than them 🙄 UH UH :-/
        But Mike they were very cheering old great-great-grannies and great-grannies :))!!! One used to fly to USA till her 96s! She loved airplnes like me :))


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