London Dada work 287 A "Burgundy" Tale

A “Burgundy” tale
c. 2007 Michael St.Mark

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At the Spar checkout in Biggar, South Lanarks Scotland – a wee toon of about 10,000 denizens – stood a rather portly white-collared dark jumper-wearing chap, remonstrating with the shop assistant over the fineties of his Lotto ticket.
My eyes riveted upon his person, for here was one of those gents who’s skin Alpenglow hue reminded one of workouts and all-round out-of-season suntans ( in Scotland?! ) and an enviable quality of life. Although virtually bald, his entire head emitted a Burgundy glow of astounding proportions, I jest you not.
I thought no more as I exited the shop with my milk and Jaffa Cakes slung low in a day glow SPAR carry bag.

Wandering up the bustling main street with the digicam at the ever-ready, looking for Dada… I found none.
Before crossing the road and returning to the van, I glanced across to a boutique named “Burgundy”.
And who should be sitting with his profile near its upstairs flat window, as if watching television, but the very same burgundy-hued gent I had espied in the Spar not 5 minutes earlier!

That’s how “Burgundy” was born. They say life is a One-ness and occasionally one has to wonder.

6 thoughts on “London Dada work 287 A "Burgundy" Tale

    • Body will be dust but the subtle body that has formed the physical body will go on into the next life.
      Then we will forget this life just as we have forgotten our last life.
      But the wisdom we acquire will be in the “bank” and that carries on with us along with our essential personality.

      So hopefully next life wiser therefore happier – but dont worry Kiki, as you say it’s all in the Now at all times anyway!
      Enjoy, sweet πŸ™‚


      • You’re right…what let me wondering is that we don’t remember those lives!!! So better live the Now and i’m living it oh yes! :))
        Thanks Mikey, i’ve been having fun though working, but i enjoy it a lot :)) Hope you’re enjoying around there, becareful w/the bead weather, i heard on the news!


      • We don’t remember our past lives because we get a new brain which blocks out the previous life experiences with the sudden bombardment of new experiences, new mother & father etc in the new life.
        But for the first year or so, we DO remember, but of course too young to learn the language to express that.
        That is why new babies cry – they realize they are having to forget all the friends, loved ones and relatives from the last life.


      • OH :-/ ! Is that so, Mike? They cry because that?
        Maybe..what a change then πŸ™„ !
        Anyway would be funny remember a past life, i mean now..not while a baby! I’d love it!
        That’s why we have the famous ” deja vu ” and the feeling that we already know a place or a person that we never met/know before!


      • Kiki one… we’re not meant to remember them for now, until we are more evolved it would be too confusing for us. Imagine being able to recognize your mother or father or husband from a previous life, walking along the street married to someone else!

        If you tried to recapture the past through them you would be locked up in a lunatic asylum! 😦

        It is all as it should be, we learn wisdom as we go along – no one can force a flower to grow faster than it does, only by giving it more fertile circumstances to grow.

        Fertile circumstances for us are not to hurt or harm others, be honest in dealings with others and try to help them as best you can, even though you may not only get no thanks back but instead the crucifixion of ungratefulness and even hatred.

        That is real love!


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