Work No. 289, International Mix Connoisseur

International mix

International Mix Connoisseur
c. 2007 Michael St.Mark

Archway, London N.

( “International mix” is a street term for a variety of tobaccos retrieved from street-discarded cigarette butt-ends that impoverished folk mix and use to form “fresh” roll-ups. Click on the image for a larger version )

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8 thoughts on “Work No. 289, International Mix Connoisseur

    • “End product”? You mean of smoking street dog ends for years?
      Maybe a pint or ten of the hard stuff each day too.
      ( Dog being the appropriate word I suppose; by the time they get re-rolled they’ve probably been on the pavement a fair few hours/days and been stood on by countless shoes, some with dog poo on! ) Yeeeeeeuk!
      “International Mix” is renowned for its spicy tang flavour you see isadora. 🙂


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