New Dada work 292, Door Goose

Door Goose
by Dingo c. 2007

Click through for the full “Door Goose” experience !

Dingo blue
New Dada artist Dingo.
Seeing/Putting the Extra in the Ordinary ” TM


8 thoughts on “New Dada work 292, Door Goose

      • hahahaha!!!
        Art front, hmmmm…

        Well, my business is taking up a lot of my time @ the mo.
        I’ve just had a meeting with my sorta agent, I’ve gotta put together a new revised portfolio for one of her clients…in fact I should be doing that now!!!

        I’ve just presented some new work to an outlet I use in Cardiff which has generated some interest, hope to have these sold by Xmas!

        That’s it really Mike, next ear, I’ll develope a plan 4 sure!


      • We’re going to have to move to London East End and paint some yellow roadside traffic markings running up a nearby wall to make it into the mega league by the looks of it Dean.

        Being an arse pan to Lord Saatchi wouldn’t do any harm either ( yeeeeuk!).


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