10 thoughts on “NEW DADA work 295; Ghost Seat

    • Hiya kiki one.

      No proper snow until January (in the Cairngorms Scotland) usually, unless of course I travel to Europe. I have a good friend who lives in the French Alps in a nice big Chalet, I may go for a week in the new year.
      No snowboarding in Lisboa I take it then, little bronzed one? 🙂
      x Hugzz x


      • No snowboarding around here 😦 Mike,
        And you’re living in Scotland now isn’t it? Must be very cold there!
        Enjoy your day :wave:


  1. One of the most powerful antispeptic antibios is apparently Turmeric either eaten or mixed with water as a paste – and of course honey – funnny isn’t it with all the technology we have they still haven’t found a cure for, well, anything!


    • It’s a 5000 year old Vedic therapy, Wend’.

      The civilization that produced the first written language, ethical codes and amongst very many other things, ayurvedic medicine, the forerunner and basis of all today’s “modern” drugs.
      That’s why they worship the cow in India -amongst many other reasons Wend’- it is the mother of mankind and why it is considered offensive to eat beef.

      It sounds weird, but believe me it aint.

      Try it – and find out why the corrupt-to-the-bone $multi-trillion pharmaceutical industry don’t want us to know the simple & cheap remedies.

      You can of course have your cuppa alongside. Just ensure you tip plenty of milk into it 🙂

      Good Health young lady.

      Dr. St.Mark


    • Go on a milk fast for a day ( fights infections big time ) and take high dose Vit C Redoxons dissolvable – at least 2 X 1000mg per day.

      Also whenever you venture out again wear a scarf, the infection always starts in the throat, the virus initially thrives on changes of temperature.

      And never say nobody ever cares, Wend’.

      …says Dr St.Mark 🙂

      Be well soon now!

      BTW the seat has three ghosts sitting on it … can you see them?


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