New Dada work no. 315, Infinitude III – Quarried

Infinitude III – Quarried
c. Michael St.Mark 2008
Open air nature work, Grizedale Forest Cumbria (ongoing)

Here’s one I quarried earlier…


5 thoughts on “New Dada work no. 315, Infinitude III – Quarried

    • … and mini quarries geology-hammered from the living rock in square sections over several months on multiple visits. Yep, tons of those!

      But I agree, Grizedale is cool. Especially on a hot summers day. And the pine scent ambiance is quite stimulating, not to mention the needles 😉

      Thanks for the comment PIP; I wholeheartedly recommend other bloggers read your posts – unique perceptions incredibly well-written.
      We are not worthy 😦


      • Clearly everyone is worthy!!!! You know, I had a weird thing happen the other day whereby I had to give a ‘summary’ of my post…I was rather bloody-minded…and ignored it…Was that by any chance a ‘featured’ characteristic? If so , I’ve scuppered it…twice! And I can’t believe I’ve NOT been featured yet…I am a good writer! Even though I say it myself!!!

        But really..I look at others and…

        better just stop there!!!
        Than ks for kind comments…
        pip x


      • PIP. Your exquisitely-phrased outrageously raunchy work is eminently saleable and I’m sure it’s only a matter of short time til you receive interest from an agent or a publisher – but you must also push yourself on them … ahem… so as to speak.

        I suppose you know about the Writers’ & Artists’ Year Book?
        Full of contacts.


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