New Dada work no. 318; Obesity special – a snack too far.

A snack too far
( A London Dada obesity special )

Work comprising two consecutive photographs, mounted laterally in the same frame.

(As usual, click over the image for the bigger fatter picture.)

7 thoughts on “New Dada work no. 318; Obesity special – a snack too far.

  1. Is that Labour’s front bench? delapidated and tawdry, destined for the scrap heap, if twer a tub of lard that had been abandoned we could surmise that the eminent Sir Roy Hattersley had just parked his voluminous arse there.


    • It’s the dreaded Choc Dip again ‘fraid eggy.

      There miles overweight he or she was, quietly savouring another heavenly taste bud hit… when… CRUNCH-SNAP! Dumped unceremoniously sur terra firma.
      Quite a rude awakening that, I imagine :))


      • I would find that hilarious really…..

        And thankfully they had the foresight to leave the offending Choc Dip behind so that everyone else could virtually point and laugh on blog!!


      • ” Point and Laugh” – brilliant. You should TM that now straight away eggy.

        Liking your new header picture as well BTW. Very, erm, intriguing😉


      • Trademark. You should trademark “Point and Laugh” as a derivation on the ever-popular “Point and Shoot” …which I wish I’d trademarked when I thought it up in a letter to a friend in 1984.
        And I’d have been a £zillionaire like you by now, eggy lass 😉


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