London Dada. … Warhol revisited

warhol skulls sale

Andy Warhol’s “ten skulls”, sold at Sotheby’s for £4.2million

 London Dada Work No. 250b from 2006.

ND40 64 Tombstones adjust
64 Tombstones
 Dada Homage to Andy Warhol
c. Michael St.Mark 2006

3 thoughts on “London Dada. … Warhol revisited

    • The Warhol Foundation are not best pleased with this work I was informed in no uncertain terms in ’06, ABE… but I think maybe old Andy would have tipped his hat to it with a wry smile.

      Interestingly enough, the grandfather of DadA/Surrealism, Marcel Duchamp had chiseled into a sector of his own marble memorial…

      ” DEATH … after all, it only ever happens to other people, doesn’t it? ”

      Now THAT’s crystal clear dAdA heh ;)!

      Thankx for the comment ABE’


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