Charles Rice Goff III performs The Aquarium

” The Aquarium ” ( Dada improvisation )
  c. by Charles Rice Goff III, April ’08

Courtesy of Taped Rugs productions

Some exacting Dada revivals Stateside…

8 thoughts on “Charles Rice Goff III performs The Aquarium

    • If you ask him nicely I’m sure he’d be adadagreeable julie.

      Cute the talking doll into the guitar pickup halfway through and the pink cat Strat’ made to sound like a violin. He can play a bit as well.
      Only thing missing would be setting light to the instrument at the end Jimi H – style – not forgetting the 100,000 Woodstock audience of course… looks like he did this in a jumble fayre hall half an hour before closing or something.
      Entirely adadappropriate.

      Great stuff to deprogram a cluttered mind from the ravages of a weekend past.


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