8 thoughts on “London Dada work no. 335.. Credit Crunch Bites Pt. 4

    • It’s a loose food connection kiki… a crunch cannot bite but its in the same dinner table league. “Credit Crunch” was already in use, but I added the “Bites” in “The Credit Crunch Bites Pt. 1” ( DadA tags) and suddenly it was all over the media like a rash as a brand spanking new catch phrase.


      • It is LOL :)):)):))
        I love your funny and always happy mood dear Mikey one 🙂
        You have such a great and a high funny spirit sweety Mike 😀 Love it :))
        Crunch Bites YUM YUM 😉
        You’re amazing and media know that! Media have an eye on you :))
        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ2UUUUUUUUU&WhiteSox 🙂


    • I know the one you mean Ros, its part of a small chain of them operated by the same shrewd BA Christian owner – and her cute little doggie.
      They don’t pay rates, but all the same they’re one-by-one closing.


      • They’re being out-shone by Woolies today, in Potters Bar at least… you should have seen the flock queing ( see Sheepnation)!
        Problem is, second hand charity goods don’t make very good xmas pressies, esp when they can’t be bothered to put the clothing through the wash & iron first before hanging them in the shop.


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