London Dada Work No. 337; Follow your Dream

Follow Your Dream
c. Michael St. Mark 2008
Signed edition of 20 prints on Kodak Pro Endura

20″ x 14″ ( unframed )

( Ideal for display in gyms or Nia etc fitness classes )


13 thoughts on “London Dada Work No. 337; Follow your Dream

  1. :)):)):)) Great title again, is really good to this photo LOL
    She – the – is running/trainning, trying to keep fit just like the one in front of her isn’t it… :)):)):))
    Cool :yes:
    women eh? :))
    But men do the same don’t they? HA! They do!
    Confess it sweety Mikey :))
    HUGZZZ2U :wave:


    • For sure men have dreams they follow and the dream of losing weight is often a big one! Its a balance of diet and exercise and above all a test of will power for portion control.

      I dreamt about you last nite 2, you were on a sunny island and I was deciding whether 2 travel out to see you, there were quite a few other men there with you, and there was competition who could be your boyfriend!
      – Thankx 4 the comments as always kiki2U the smileys girl šŸ™‚


      • My ADORABLE SWEETY MICKEY šŸ™‚ So, you are dreaming with me šŸ™„ What did you do to me? What fun we had?? :))
        Are you serious or kidding? :)) LOL

        Com’on tell me about it! LOL You know i am curious! You didn’t tell all!
        What did you dream??? On a sunny island that sounds lovely but only with one! Not Lots of boyfriends HAHAHAAAAAAAAA, one at a time ok? No need to worry, you could travel there and i’m sure we would enjoy a great sunshinhing time šŸ™‚

        Competition? Well, maybe because i don’t have an official boyfriend šŸ™‚ I onlt have friends and, as love is so yummy yummy, from time to time i have a boyfriend… but i always kick them away as i get bored LOL,..they don’t know how to keep me, they are good only for friendship, fun, spending a nice time, only that, mostly my boyfriends are friends and still are friends i never get mad with them, why so? I just want that them all be happy people!

        HAAAAAAAAAA! But you don’t need to compete šŸ˜‰ Bcz we women we know the MAN we/I want :yes:

        Reviewing women huh? :))

        Oh yes men do have dreams..some follow theirs and are happy men, others don’t!

        About losing weight no way for me, I don’t need that and never will, i’m sure šŸ™‚ and that’s makes me HAPPY šŸ˜€ Maybe bigger boobs :)):)) but even that it isn’t a dream, mines are ok ones looooooooool! :)) thats’ not a dream for me..i prefer other dreams šŸ˜‰ misterious ones you know?
        Funny, i dunno if i ever followed a dream :??: :-/
        Maybe i don’t have dreams Mickey…or maybe yes :))

        No need thanks please dear Mike, i comment bcz i have fun especially in this londondada…what about bloggerarms???

        Sunny now here šŸ™‚ in Lisbon, i did my sun-dance you know :))
        Lots care and big HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZz2U


      • Did you compete with the other men on the sunny island?

        Who is the winner? You? šŸ˜‰ Com’on tell :))
        I don’t tell no one ok? :))


      • No :)kiki:), Even though I did travel out to see you on a boat I kept myself to myself as an observer on the outside of the group – I felt they were too young and good looking for me to compete with, in the dream.

        But as you say, it’s the women who decide.
        As they say… ” Men play the game but women know the score”
        LOL heh šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


      • No in your dream! OOOPS :)) I mean in reality don’t be shy because yes we women know what we do want as a MAN :yes:

        You did travel and you stayed as an observer?? OH! DAMN!
        If i saw you there i would catch you for sure :)) you bet on it!

        HA!…youngers, HA! Younger and good looking man??? Most women are not like men that at a certain time of their age prefer younger women, no way we women like macho man i mean a man who is a real MAN šŸ˜‰
        And BTW You let them all those youngesters on a corner you bet! They even don’t know to speak or what to say :)):)):))
        By me i always prefer a real man maybe one day my The ONE appears to me :))LOL
        Though i don’t care, i don’t waste my time thinking about men, bcz i keep living my life having fun, enjoying la vie šŸ™‚

        Don’t you know we women, at least I, love men who are real MAN??? Not young men or kids! that’s when we’re teen-agers :))

        So, are you feeling better now? šŸ˜€ next time jump to my boat šŸ˜‰ I know the score hahahahaaaaaaaaa


      • Oooooh er, kiki 4 me in my dreams! I look 4ward 2 it! šŸ™‚

        Seriously sweet one, you do right to stay frisky sunny and free, don’t be burdened by long relationships, nobody seems 2 B happy in them after a year anyhow !


      • G’morning Mikey šŸ™‚

        “Ooooooh er” you say huh? Teasing me and now oooh er hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you’re really cute :))
        Yeah i know, early it is! But i have a dog who has needs :)) and by cried lots and i was more sleeping than awake but i took him out :yes: poor Elvis, he really doesn’t do pooh or pee at home!! So i’l sleep a bit more now, just blogged a little bit :))

        Yeah Kiki 4 your dreams? Ok, we’l see, then tell me :))
        Told you jump to my boat šŸ˜€
        Younger man are not interesting men at all. I love a passionate man, i mean really a man that loves his works as his passion about his works too, that’s true!

        No way long relationships for me, unless it worths šŸ˜‰ !

        3 months is alreADY too much and 2 OF them only lasted a week :)) but i’m shy really am and bcz so i use to run away from them :)) even if i like the man that’s bcz i had had few boyfriends and lots of friends…also just bcz i start to be fed-up of them!
        BUT HA! I want to be happy for ever with my OH or not, if it happens find him …though i’m not looking for none,… i’m sure things happen and always for a reason šŸ™‚
        Yes i like to feel free and do what i want, not having a boyfriend all the time after me…unless is the One :)) HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA cz i am a jealous one and i will not aloud no women dare to aproach to my man :)):))
        Have a great day sweety mike xxx HUGZZZZZZZZZZZ2U


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