LonDon DAdA work 339 The Last-Minute Xmas Modern HunterGatherer Solid Ghosts of Tesco

Series of images with subtitles ( All are click through-expandable for the full seasonal solid ghost shopper experience )

Entranced by the manic star of almighty Tesco

The dedicated smokers’ que ( Click to enlarge the solid ghosts of Nicotinia )

Shopping with mother 1

Shopping with mother II

Shopping with mother III

An low pay zero hours Xmas shelf elf busies himself


Inspecting the chopped & packed corpse aisle

Murdered in their prime merely to satisfy human taste buds. RIP all innocent and defenceless ones – victims of the longstanding callous self-centred mentality infecting society – the same mentality that prefers to sweep the subjects
of elderly care home abuses and late abortions of obviously living children, under the carpet of social convenience.

Manual workers’ drinks-grab aisle

Flagship image; Drinks isle, refined selection.
( New signed cards series, click on the image to expand )

A dedicated and spirited solid ghost customer

Xmas checkout frustration yet again

The Last-Minute Xmas Modern Hunter-Gatherer Solid Ghosts of Tesco
All images c. Michael St. Mark 2008

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Tackling Global Autumn

16 thoughts on “LonDon DAdA work 339 The Last-Minute Xmas Modern HunterGatherer Solid Ghosts of Tesco

    • I was today kiki, yes… I like to keep the art fresh and alive as the turkeys should be. Do you like the Tesco solid ghosts?

      Happy xmas daze to you sweet one – btw liking the new-look blog you got going there, very interactive!


      • Tesco ghosts? :)):)) never saw ghost there! LOL
        Disd you see my Xmas greetings with me dancing as a Santa with a message on the end of the video??? Chek out your previous post..or my blog, it is a great fun Mikey :))

        Thank you very much and i wish you a wonderful Christmas as wonderful as you are 😀


      • Thanking you in my dreams kiki 😉 … and yes I see your kiki xmas card in my inbox, you make a great Portugese Santa!

        Have a Brandy randy enjoyable time these next daze 😉


      • *hic* *hic* having a Porto/Port now :p Yummy
        Ate lots, but desserts now are on the way :)) presents only at midnight soooooooooooo I, Filipe and some cousins and few friends are around ours computers having fun a bit while we don’t start the desserts…meanhwile, as we had some wine with the Xmas dinner we.. I indeed :)) really need a Baileys seconding with this yummy Porto…why not a Brandy too * hic * .. so i can eat all or almsot all the yummy desserts 😉 Nice eh? 😀 That’s why i love this season so much i can eat all the i love!

        I was kidding with you, yeah i notice that most photos lok as if there are ghosts at tesco :))
        I’l remember it for sure if i go again shopping to Tesco :))

        * hic * 😉

        HAPPY HOLIDAYS dear Mikey 🙂


      • Be sure 2 show your friendz the New Dada, archive accessed also by the tags right page…. and that fantastic big paper DaDa boat pic U sent !
        Viva le DaDa Porto, kiki… hic X 2 ! 🙂


      • :yes: They’re having fun here on my laptop and F.’s PC. and yes on BCUK too they are having fun reading my blog and the ones i tell them, as yours, some love art and photography very much 🙂
        Almsot midnight, i’m going right now eat my desserts or these guys will not let a bit for me :)) Family and friends he? :))
        I let them here on your page :yes:
        Yeah that boat pic from Ponte de Lima is really fantastic !!
        I must check out how was it this year there.

        Now: “VIVA” LA VIE ET Le Porto :yes: * hic * :))

        Have a very nice time this Christmas season sweety Mickey 🙂


      • Oh kiki one sweet !! I luv U in my DaDa drream paper boat like a sweet angel U R my spiritual xtasy bride 🙂

        Be safe in loving arms of the universe white sox light 2 nite xxxx. Big XXXmas hugzzzzz 2 U


      • Awwwwwwww you are a REAL SWEETY ONE Mike 🙂
        That photo of the paper boat is amazing indeed, i still don’t know how sometimes i get such good photos! Just happens! That one is really yours, as the others if you got them at the time; it was taken by me and i think i only showed it to few friends, but I didn’t give it to no one, seems i only posted it once at the time and then as it wasn’t… and it isn’t copyright i took it away from the blog and then i send it to you… if i remember it well 🙄 ..that’s what did happen.

        Thank you very much dear Mike, me a sweet angel :)) hmmmm some calls me little devil one! But i believe/trust you more than the others, yes I do.

        Aw! Now also your spiritual xtasy bride 😉 So you are my groom huh? WOW I guess those are the most wonderful words that someone told to me, you’re telling 😀 :)) YES! I confess that i always feel myself safe in loving arms of the universe white sox :yes: White sox ROCKS and RULES 🙂

        HA BTW i must check what two of my cousins have been doing here on your page..didn’t dare on mine LOL, now i was with them on your page yes, have been here too 🙂 showing your work, and while i went to have some more desserts and Porto *hic* :)) i dunnno if they wrote somethinmg on comments if so i hope nothing wrong, well they are polite anyway 🙄 just they love to joke with me and they were with my laptop, w/my PWs open so if something wrong please tell me Mike ok?

        Have a wonderful Christmas day as WONDERFUL as YOU are 🙂


      • Have I? :))
        Thank you, yes must be funny reading me LOL
        Oh yes how i rested and i wll sleep like an angel for sure tonight…no parties! I was invited for one but nah nah soon i’l be in kikidreamLand and so i prefer my bed, my pillows and my duvet! :yes: I’l sleep really quite and peacefully tonight!
        Nice rest for you too and i wish you have a nice season of festivities 🙂


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