Work 365 The All-New Ford Getaway

the getaway car
The Getaway Car
Art Axis 2009

Get away from it all in the new Ford Getaway car

getaway car2

c. 2009 by Art Axis


2016 Update

This blog post on the ‘net for 7 years – and within 3 months of this tweet to Jeremy Clarkson…

Clarkson tweet

The BBC announces a new motoring program – The Getaway Car
.. featuring races involving… guess what – beat-up wrecks.


7 thoughts on “Work 365 The All-New Ford Getaway

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  3. Hello -Blue Faded St Mark……

    Hail to all artists that embrace de-constructionalism
    Hail to the artists that gave up their logic to embrace Dada
    Hail to Neo-Dada and all that it destroys, and all that is created
    from the demise of reality

    Hail to Cyber Dada, the vehicle by which art will survive into the 22nd century


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