Work 369; Forest Genie

Forest Genie / After the Storm
c. Michael St.Mark 2009

 & four years on….peter-lik-phantom

Peter Lik’s Phantom  (2013 )

“The most expensive photo in history now clocks in at an impressive $6.5 million. The work of Australian landscape photographer Peter Lik, Phantom is a black-and-white shot of Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, a piercing beam of sunlight appearing like a ghostly figure in a cavernous space.” – Artnet

There seems to be little if no information  coming from the artist as to whether Phantom is an authenic photograph in terms of a real world real time event or whether the apparition in the photo was generated by artificial means such as a manually initiated sand-fall from above, smoke-generation, or indeed manufactured into a ghost-like shape through post-production image manipulation software such as PhotoShop.

*The photographer declined to reply on the matter when recently queried by London Dada’s Art Axis on Twitter social media.





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