4 thoughts on “Work No. 381; ” Untitled “

    • On a grocery spree, and get your goodies for free….. that’s livin’ alright!

      I once knew someone from the Thamesmead estate ( read graffiti’d-up assortment of high rise fully furnished dustbins )who used to do exactly that in her local Aldis on an almost daily basis… she would take maybe a cabbage and a tin of Whiskas through checkout, but with her personal canvas trolly bulging very very suspiciously.
      Got away with it for years she did – the store security guy was family.

      But I believe in the past we have discussed those extortionately priced supermarket avocados with easy peel-off labels you and me, eggy … tee hee 😉


    • True,indigo; but hopefully her id will remain generic as intended, what with the turtle headscarfe profile. Also she doesn’t look like a silver surfer, although one never knows I suppose – that trendy trolly may well be harbouring a brand spanking new Dell Laptop with Windows 7, 250 GB HD and 4 GB of internal Ram.
      In which case dear, you’re….erm sadly immortalized ‘fraid.
      But lets look on the bright side, it happens to all of us in time.
      The human spirit can indeed be remarkable and admirable in adversity.


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