Work 379, Four Disused Doorways…

Four disused and dilapidated color-coded doorways of varying past popularity.
c. 2009 by Dingo.

And to think….

..most of those busy-bee worker feet
that wore away those stone thresholds

were carried to their cremation fates
many moons ago.

London Dada artist Dingo

“Putting the extra in the ordinary” TM
“Seeing the extra in the ordinary” TM

10 thoughts on “Work 379, Four Disused Doorways…

    • The blue’s the original undercoat Deano, painted over by the cream at a later date. Its gradually revealing as the cream paint peels and flakes away.
      Along with the worn-down steps an example of the inexorable passage(ways) of time, guess.


  1. This brings to mind “Fighting Global Autumn” which must still be raging since I saw yet another hoover on the sidewalk just before it snow like all hell. victory?

    the beauty of four disused doorways transends dada. its just dah!


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