11 thoughts on “Work No. 403; The Garden Wall of a Dadaist.

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    • Extremely odd you should envisage that there, Bradders. Because indeed a very bad person – and worse, family – broke into the house not ten years back, clad head to foot in black c/w balaclava to boot.
      I disturbed the little prick otherwise it would have made off with my video camera and wallet.
      Ruined my sleep for six moths he did, the utter, utter bar steward.


      • That is very sad, I just looked at the pic quickly and I was reminded of pictures of terrorists in Balaclavas, I hadn’t had much to drink honest.


      • No, you are correct Bradders. There is indeed a balaclava there, and prominently.

        When people say prison doesn’t work they’re forgetting the great boon that it’s keeping a great deal of trouble and hassle OFF the streets. And anyone who’s been a victim of crime will agree, the glass is half empty – of crap 🙂


      • In Singapore at the moment, people have told us it’s safe to walk about because there is no crime, well the police carry guns and those with big money live behind pretty serious security, why would that be the case if there’s no crime?


      • Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear… is a fairly realistic maxim. But if I were there walking the streets I’d probably “tool up” with a pepper spray ( if legal) … just in case.
        ps keep your wallet on a tight leash…. and enjoy the scene 🙂


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