Work 445; House of ZigZag

House of ZigZag
c. Michael St.Mark 2007

Although featured in  “Snippets”  on our Youtube channel, and from 2007; ” House of ZigZag
makes its first appearance as a definitive London Dada Work. The Merzbau-like house concerned surely lived up to its title … doors ill-fitted to already oddly angled frames as if by a drunk; walls and floors alarmingly out of kilter and  windows amply ventilating interior rooms – even when closed.
Quite a trip.


London Dada YouTube channel;

5 thoughts on “Work 445; House of ZigZag

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    • Kurt Schwitters, the only artist with close connections with the original Zurich Dada group of 1916/7 to have worked in England, created “Merz” art, a strange conglomeration of intense abstract collages, often using discarded items he found in the street etc. Later he started applying his Merz to the inside of buildings, turning them exceedingly zigzag, you might say.
      After the war and his internment on the Isle of Man as a POW, he moved to London, then Cumbria and half-completed his “lifes work “, the Merz Barn near Elterwater – before sadly dying prematurely in early 1948. If you check TAGS, above, we did an interesting synopsis of this unique time in Dada history…it’s listed alphabetically under “Kurt Schwitters”.


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