7 thoughts on “Work No. 451: Fag Hag Break / A Dark Fete

  1. I don’t see this image as the whole anti smoking ‘such a waste, such filthy habit’ thing. (And no i’m not a smoker, of cigarettes).
    I see a woman from another age. The sunken toothless mouth, boney hand, leathery skin. This is a survivor from the last generation. Worked hard, played hard smoked hard, all her hard life.
    It’s of a woman of a time and place and of a Britain that is fast becoming extinct.


  2. my niece’s father-in-law died 2 years ago from lung cancer due to smoking, he was only 54. Such a waste of a life, he was a really nice guy too. He was never bitter at his illness, as he maintained he chose to smoke even though he knew the potential dangers and only had himself to blame. lf a person can look at the horrible photographs on fag packets of black lungs etc and that doesn’t put them off then nothing will.


    • It’s a bit instinctive actually, Christine. As you have just a few seconds to spot and then capture a potentially interesting moment, I only have a general theme of what I might be looking for when raising the digicam; the coming together of pieces of an image that works well is partly happy accident. I believe life can show us incredible things when we don’t try to control or engineer entire situations with our egos 😉


      • ahhh, the secret world of the ‘coffin nail’ a dark ‘fate’ indeed!! Being well aquainted with the lethal weed ( not through personal use i hasten to add) enables me to say that this image is spot on, it says to me of the hidden danger, of smoking, as the woman herself is almost hidden. No doubt some would argue that as she is obviously an ‘older’ lady it can’t have done her much harm——but for every person like her there will be many more who haven’t escaped the horrors that it can bring. I particularly like the fact that your images invariably have a message behind them, even if it’s only what i read into them.


      • A colleague in an office where I once worked summed it up nicely.. ” I can’t think of a more unnatural thing a person can do to themselves than inhaling cigarette smoke”
        You can give the smokers you care about the ” 26 different poisons” line and still the pathetic lame excuses will return. One such I had was ” I think it might be something I need to work out in this lifetime”
        Four years later the lady was dead from cancer after suffering terribly.
        What can you do!


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